Eco-Friendly Paper Products & Packaging 

Our premium quality eco friendly reusable packaging and product helps the printing and packaging industry switching to sustainability and eco-friendly options with using leftovers as raw material relieving our customers from sustainability trends pressures and increasing their revenues by meeting their corporate social responsibility and companies brand image goals in a cost competitive manner.

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EcoKaagaz Mission

Eco-Friendly Reusable Paper & Packaging For All!

EcoKaagaz is on its mission to drive the transition of the paper and packaging industry towards tree-free solutions with our paper.

We want to keep the 2 million trees where they are by 2025 and to eradicate deforestation has introduced its own range of tree-free papers and eco-friendly packaging. Our paper is crafted from cotton residues of different industries such as the clothing industry and exhibits 100% pure material. These papers are handmade or semi-automated, adhering to sustainable and eco-friendly policies. 

EcoKaagaz aims to support customers in meeting their sustainability and eco-goals. Our paper EcoKaagaz Natural and Blend are compatible with digital and screen printing, EcoKaagaz Grain is compatible with screen printing and has exhibited excellent results. Our eco-friendly packaging options and products can be fully customizable according to the needs of the customer and the thickness could be varied from 100 to 450 GSM. We also provide our papers in finished product form as well, for more details just give us a call.

“Love The Trees Until Their Leaves Fall Off, Then Encourage Them To Try Again Next Year.”
― Chad Sugg

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We Build Trustful Relation With Our Customers And Nature

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Our Papers Are Free From Trees. Saving Tree, Saving Planet 

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Our EcoKaagaz Grain Is Range Of Seeded Paper. Sow It After Use

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Fiber Content

Our Papers Are Made Up Of Eco-Friendly, Bio-Degradable Tree-Free Fibers

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EcoKaagaz Papers Are Made Up Of Sustainable natural Sources

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Our Innovative & Environment Friendly Reusable Paper Range

EcoKaagaz Natural

EcoKaagaz Natural

Are made of 100% cotton fibres. Our papers are moulded out of eco-friendly and sustainable Tree-Free Fibres. Being 100% biodegradable adds value to its features.

EcoKaagaz Grain

EcoKaagaz Grain

Are made up of 100% cotton with seeds in it. We could vary the seeds embedded in the paper by integrating Basil seeds, wildflower seeds, or any other seeds. 

EcoKaagaz Blend

EcoKaagaz Blend

Are made up of cotton and have other natural fibres (5-7%) in it. The paper usually is an amalgamation of other fibres such as jute, coconut hair or addition of petals and leaves of flowers to accentuate the overall aesthetic appeal.

EcoKaagaz Blend and Grain can be customised as per your requirements. EcoKaagaz can also supply customised finished final products based on the requirements. Minimum order quantity applied for our eco-friendly package options.  

High-Quality Paper & Packaging Supplier in Ireland

EcoKaagaz is the producer and supplier of fine-quality packaging. All our products are made from eco-friendly materials.  Check our range of packaging below.

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Sustainable And Eco-Friendly Paper & Packaging 

EcoKaagaz has a significant role to play in modern life because it recognizes the dire need to shift current methods of production into environmentally friendly ones.

The fact that an average consumer in most parts of the world handles approximately more than 50 packaged items every single day is one of the most compelling factors that makes us more conscious about its ecological footprint.

Packaging is now so prevalent in every part of our lives, therefore, we at EcoKaagaz, have shifted more focus on the current buzzwords ‘sustainable and eco friendly reusable packaging.’ Hence, our environmental-friendly packaging options and products are completely sustainable and eco-friendly. We offer a range of eco friendly products like bespoke stationery, wedding stationery, gift boxes, envelopes, paper bags and much more.

Eco Friendly Packaging

Sustainable and eco friendly packaging production that we employ refers to any packaging that is not harmful to the environment, nor does it evolve from depletion of any natural resources, such as trees. Also referred to as green packaging, we make it by using recycled materials in preference to synthetic materials such as plastics and Styrofoam.

Since corrugated cardboard and other forms of paper based packaging are rightly regarded as being amongst the most environmentally friendly and sustainable, we incorporate them in our packaging methods as well.

At the same time, this kind of packaging is completely biodegradable and recyclable.  The techniques that we employ to manufacture sustainable and eco-friendly packaging are aimed to reduce the wastage of water and use of energy and related resources as well as to lessen the harmful effects of packaging on the environment.

If you like to request a quote on any of the products, click the button to ask for a quotation.

Learn How To Be More Environmently Responsible

How our Eco-friendly Packaging can make a Greener World

Industry experts indicate that to produce 1 ton of printing paper approximately 24 trees are required. The 24 trees would have to be a combination of softwoods and hardwoods each about 40 feet tall with a diameter of roughly 6-8 inches. Just imagine how many trees are chopped down all around the world everyday to meet the entire world’s needs for new packaging and paper use.

EcoKaagaz is sympathetic to the consequences of means of production on the environment. For this reason, it emerged as an environmentally conscious brand that realizes the severity of the issue and has launched tree-free paper as an environmentally responsible option. Tree- free paper has helped reduce deforestation, consequently preserving rare tree species and habitats of innumerable animals and birds. Vying for a greener tomorrow for the future generations, EcoKaagaz is very careful in considering the source of this ‘tree-free paper’ range. In this way, EcoKaagaz is dedicated to reversing the adverse impacts of deforestation in whatever way it possibly can through environmental friendly packaging.

What is Eco-friendly Packaging and why should you use it?

It is almost every day that you hear news on how our wasteful ways are adversely affecting the environment, from plastics endangering sea-life or gigantic unending garbage barges or drastic climate change in some part of the world or other.  Around one-third of an average landfill is made up of packaging material. Packaging represents about 65% of household trash. Therefore, we at EcoKaagaz are becoming increasingly environment-conscious and reverting to more environmental-friendly practices to protect the planet and all forms of life on it. 

 EcoKaagaz is making a concerted effort to produce eco-friendly paper and packaging. Sustainable and eco-friendly packaging solutions that we provide, aim to reduce the amount of product packaging, encourage using renewable/reusable materials, minimize packaging costs, practically diminish the use of toxic materials in the production of packaging and provide options to recycle packaging easily.

EcoKaagaz realizes that one ton (2000 pounds) of eco-friendly paper can save 17 trees, 380 gallons of oil, three cubic yards of landfill space, 4000 kilowatts of energy, and 7000 gallons of water. This can result in an incredible 64% energy savings, a 58% water savings, and 60 pounds less of air pollution.

What are our products made of?

EcoKaagaz produces a varied range of ‘tree-free paper’ that includes EcoKaagaz Natural, EcoKaagaz Grains and EcoKaagaz Blend.  EcoKaagaz Natural tree-free paper is made out of 100 % cotton fibres that come from cotton residues of the clothing industry. EcoKaagaz Natural tree-free paper is made from biodegradable tree-free fibres and eventually being 100 % biodegradable is its most important characteristic as it does not end up in landfills to stay there for years, unlike plastic. Another of the Eco Kaagaz products, EcoKaagaz Grain tree-free seeded paper also comprises 100 % cotton but it has a variety of seeds such as basil seeds, wildflower seeds, even carrot seeds or any other seeds embedded into its composition. This makes the paper ‘plantable’ as well since the paper, after being used, can be planted and thus may be grown into a tree. A yet another EcoKaagaz product is EcoKaagaz Blend tree-free paper made of again 100 % cotton fibres and    some other natural fibres added to it such as jute, rose petals, golden threads, clover leaves, coconut hair or other fibres adding to the aesthetic appeal of the paper.

Google Reviews

Debraj Dey
Debraj Dey
Maciej Majnusz
Maciej Majnusz
Neha from EcoKaagaz is passionate about tree-free living and sustainable eco-friendly papers. With the festive season coming up, I have made a greeting card out of these papers to wish my loved ones this Christmas. Was fascinated to see the blend of grass in paper. Really liked the idea. Can’t recommend enough...!!! Very happy to receive these papers.
Nina Kuhn
Nina Kuhn
Als ich nach umweltfreundlichem Papier gesucht habe, bin ich schnell auf EcoKaagaz gestoßen. Ich war sehr zufrieden mit dem Service. Das Team hat sich immer schnell um meine Fragen gekümmert und war sehr freundlich und kooperativ. Als das Papier angekommen ist, war ist sehr begeistert, weil es sogar besser war als erwartet. Ich bin sehr zufrieden über die Erfahrung mit EcoKaagaz.
Nihit Aggarwal
Nihit Aggarwal
Kshitiz Agarwal
Kshitiz Agarwal
High Quality, Beautiful and most important Environmental Friendly Products!!! Saving Forests is a need not Luxury
kevin cullen
kevin cullen
High quality product & environmentally sound. Happy to support a green business.

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