The Need for Eco-Friendly Stationery

No matter how digitized the world becomes, there are some things which always have a place. We cannot ignore the fact that we do, in fact, exist outside the digital world and need the ‘physical’ experience in our daily routines to keep us sane and healthy.

Stationery is a very special part of everyone’s lives as it is something we use every day for domestic and professional purposes alike. Be it notebooks, pencils, diaries, or business cards, stationery has never lost its appeal. Some of us even like to collect it as a hobby!


However, with the ever rising problems of global warming due to depletion of resources, we must pay attention to change our ways. EcoKaagaz has developed Eco-friendly stationery with our advanced and creative methods of recycling and energy efficient production.

This methodology gives us the platform to serve your needs for customized stationery without having to compromise on the resources which our Earth produces. We believe in the power of going green and by 2025, we are adamant to see substantial change being brought about through these practices. With your help, we will make our planet happy and healthy again.

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Bespoke Eco-Friendly Stationery

Your stationery is a personal collection. These are items which are incorporated in your routine and subconsciously have an impact on your everyday life.

Most of us use general items but EcoKaagaz gives you the opportunity to incorporate your design into your stationery to really capture your essence.

This small act makes it truly yours. And what’s better is that it is totally Eco-friendly. A pollution free solution for you to live your life better!

At EcoKaagaz, we provide Eco-friendly notebooks, personal diaries, letterheads, and business cards in all types of paper compositions and textures. We also offer greeting cards, wedding stationery, gifts boxes etc. 

The papers can be manufactured within 90GSM to 300 GSM. This is the kind of stationery which can really reflect your ideas and create a general vibe for people to capture your essence from.

Eco Friendly Notebooks

Your personal diary and notebook serves your domestic needs while the letterheads and business cards are for your corporate requirements. The best part about it all? You can plant it back and witness a plant grow! Ever thought that would be possible? Now it is. 

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Get Better with Eco-Friendly Business Cards and Notebooks

EcoKaagaz aims to serve you a one-of-its-kind solution to help you improve your services. With our bespoke Eco-friendly stationery collection, you have a chance to incorporate a healthier stationery option into your life. Change your ways and inspire one another to protect our nature with your Eco-friendly business cards and notebooks.

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