Save With Customized Eco Friendly Envelopes in Ireland

Are you a business looking to portray your corporate social responsibility in a budget friendly way? We’ve got you covered. Eco Kaagaz provides you elegantly designed simple yet classy, Eco friendly envelopes.

You can contribute to achieving the goal of going green by using these envelopes that have various sustainability features. Whether it’s an official invitation, an important announcement, or just the usual mails, you can impress your stakeholders with our eco-friendly envelopes!

Eco Friendly Envelopes

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Get Responsible & Creative By Choosing Eco Friendly Envelopes

As inhabitants of mother earth, we all care about the environment. EcoKaagaz makes sure that we contribute to the earth and provide its inhabitants a range of collections of sustainable and Eco-friendly envelopes  in all colors and sizes.

These envelopes are made from tree-free fiber, since we aim to reduce deforestation, save trees and conserve the beautiful resources of nature. EcoKaagaz provides you the same broad range of envelopes to also facilitate your choices in different sizes.

EcoKaagaz envelopes are organic and give off a natural feel. Our tough and crisp classic brown envelopes will prove to be the best choice for your invitations whether it pertains to business invites, or for events with family and friends.

You can now maintain the appearance and quality of your invitation while maintaining the balance of nature and conserving the environment.You now have the opportunity to resort to paper-free yet elegant envelopes that also help you contribute to the environment. We also provide bespoke stationery, greeting cards, paper bags, gift boxes and much more.  

With each EcoKaagaz eco-friendly envelope you are saving one tree from being cut down, and regulating the oxygen supply of the environment. Make a wise choice with EcoKaagaz.

Why Choose Our Eco-Friendly Envelopes

100% Sustainable And Eco-Friendly

EcoKaagaz envelopes are 100% sustainable and Eco-friendly since they are made out of cotton fiber and seeds. We used tree-free fibers and hence no trees are harmed during the making of these envelopes. They can be reused and are easily biodegradable hence preserving the environment.

Good Corporate Image And Encouragement For Others

When your peers receive your mail in Eco-friendly envelopes they will also be surprised as it portrays your sense of responsibility towards the environment and society. This will set a good corporate image for your brand. It will be considered as an act of goodwill and customers will be attracted and will stay loyal . You will also be encouraging others to be responsible inhabitants of earth. This shall start a chain that will put an end to deforestation in the long run. EcoKaagaz is providing eco-friendly envelopes in Ireland. 

Tamper Protection

Our eco-friendly envelopes, unlike usual paper envelopes, are strong and cannot be easily tampered. It provides protection from the sun and water. It is hard to be torn or punctured. Your package will remain safe till it reaches it destination.

Better Cost-To-Quality Ratio

Our envelopes are very reasonable in terms of cost to quality ratio. We aim to provide the best quality in a cheap price. They are tough, textured and sturdy unlike paper envelopes which are prone to wear and tears, in yet a similar amount of price.

Used For Different Purposes

The design of our envelopes are engineered in a way that they can be used in offices, homes, schools, for parties wherever an invitation or mail is needed. We provide different textures which you can choose according your needs. It cannot be tampered due to its strong nature and hence also provides protection for long distance shipments.

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