Business Cards

Promotional products are essential items to create your brand’s identity among existing and potential clients. It includes a classy and appropriate business card with your company’s logo and all the relevant contact details along with the address of the office’s location.

Business cards are printed in a huge quantity every year, resulting in the cutting down of millions of trees. To avoid this, EcoKaagaz has come up with the idea of eco-friendly business cards. We manufacture homemade business cards using tree-free paper. This helps in reducing the amount of deforestation held each year for just making business cards.

So, with the business cards by EcoKaagaz, you won’t only create a brand image among your clientele but also emphasize how your company contributes to the environmental cause. 

Order the customizable business cards online at EcoKaagaz or feel free to call us and get a quote. We provide you with reasonable and budget-friendly packages according to the quantity you order. The business card can be either plain or printed with all your details. The size is set as per the customers’ requirements.