Floral Printed Gift Boxes

Whether you are giving gifts to your family members, friends, or someone special, what’s better than giving them a green touch? EcoKaagaz brings you environmentally friendly, customized empty gift boxes. They are sturdy and beautiful at the same time.

EcoKaagaz prints the box with appealing floral designs for you. You can also ask us to customize them with the floral design of your choice. We can print any text or logo on the box to give it a personalized signature touch. The highlight about these floral printed empty gift boxes is that rather than being made from leftovers rather than being made from tree pulp. So, contribute to saving trees by using eco-friendly gift boxes! The printed empty gift boxes are available in various sizes. You can choose between the following two shapes:

  • Square Boxes 
  • Rectangular Boxes

Since these products are custom made, feel free to ask for a quotation