A perfect wedding is a dream for everyone. Right from the wedding venue to the flowers for décor, you want everything to be the best as it can be. The same goes for the invitation cards. But sending out even 100 invitations cards for each wedding happening in Ireland leads to a huge impact on cutting down trees annually. To help prevent this, EcoKaagaz brings you eco-friendly wedding cards. Manufactured using tree-free fibre, they should be your no. 1 choice for your wedding.

Our wedding stationery isn’t only eco-friendly, but the wedding cards by EcoKaagaz are exceptionally gorgeous. We use methods to make them at a low cost, so the invitation cards are affordable yet amazing. Collaborate with us, and our team will make your custom wedding cards, either plain or printed with any colour and style along with beautiful fonts and heart-touching texts. EcoKaagaz manufactures casual, traditional, modern, and classic wedding invitation cards. Since these products are custom made, feel free to ask for a quotation and place your order. You can also order RSVP cards from EcoKaagaz.