Plain Envelopes

Do you desire to make some contribution to sustaining the environment of the world? One of such products is our eco-friendly envelopes that can help you in achieving a greener business. Whether it is an official invitation, an important announcement, or just the regular mails, you can reduce your company’s carbon footprint with EcoKaagaz’s plain envelopes in Ireland! The envelopes are purely perfect for sending your greeting to loved ones and acquaintances. You can acquire them in the shapes given below:

  • Square Envelopes
  • Rectangular Envelopes

The most exceptional thing about these envelopes for greetings is that they are Tree Free. What does it mean? EcoKaagaz has taken the responsibility of keeping the trees where they are. Our eco-friendly envelopes are not made from tree fibre. We customize these handmade envelopes as per your specific needs. For all your plain envelopes requirements, we have got you covered. Customers can order them in various sizes. We produce them in both square and triangular shapes. Since these products are custom made, feel free to ask for a quotation and place your order.