You might be sending a lot of wedding invitations, but it is quite evident that not everyone will be able to make it to the big day. If you know in advance who will be coming, then a better wedding day plan can be executed. Therefore, it would be a smart choice to send an RSVP card (response card) along with the invitation card to have the correct number of expected guests. EcoKaagaz offers you several eco-friendly wedding stationery including the RSVP card. 

Our wedding RSVP cards have been designed to match the wedding invitations. The creative head at EcoKaagaz can either design a plain card or printed RSVP card for you using our sustainable, tree-free paper. To add a personal touch to the card, we manufacture customized RSVP cards with custom style and text. Since the RSVP Cards are custom made, feel free to ask for a quotation and place your order. You can also order wedding invitation cards from EcoKaagaz.